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Top list garment manufacturing companies in Qatar

Qatar is a small but prosperous country located in the Middle East. It has been known for its booming economy, particularly due to its oil and gas reserves. As such, it is no surprise that Qatar has become an attractive market for garment manufacturing companies from all over the world.

Here we have compiled a list of top garment manufacturers in Qatar with their contact details so you can easily find them when looking to source apparel production services in this region. Qatar offers some of the most advanced technology and efficient processes available, making it ideal for garment production needs. The following are some of the leading suppliers offering quality clothing products at competitive prices:

- Top list garment manufacturing companies in Qatar

2 Al-Sadara Clothing Company

Established in 1980 and headquartered in Doha, Al-Sadara is one of the leading suppliers of apparel and accessories for men’s and women’s fashion across multiple categories including casual wear and formal wear (e.g., suits). The company also offers embroidery services as well as custom designs for special occasions or corporate events.

3 Qatari Fashion Group

Founded by two brothers Mohammed and Ahmed Ali Hozayen Zuwaidin 1985QFG produces high quality garments for both local markets as well abroad with products ranging from ready-to-wear collections for ladies to kids’ clothing lines . They are also renowned for their use of cutting edge technology when producing clothes which ensures maximum durability at minimum cost .

4 Gulf Textiles & Apparel Co.

This family run business was founded back 1979 with main focus on providing excellent customer service , best quality garments at affordable prices . Their product line includes everything from sportswear like t-shirts , shorts & tracksuits to formal wear like blazers , trousers & dresses . Additionally they specialize in customization services allowing customers design their own unique pieces according to their specific needs .

5 Sultan Fashions Trading LLC

Founded by Sultan Mohammed Rashid al Khateri 2000SFT operates under its parent company Sultan International Group which consists several other sister firms specializing related industries such as textiles printing dyeing etcetera ensuring highest standards all stages production process right sourcing raw materials till delivery final product client’s doorstep anywhere world wide

6 Qatari Denim Company

The Qatari Denim Company specializes in producing high-quality denim fabric and garments for both men and women. They offer custom design services as well as ready-made products, so you can get exactly what you need from them. Their state-of-the-art technology ensures quality production with minimal waste, making them one of the most reliable manufacturers in Qatar.

7 Al Mana Fashion Group

This group offers a wide range of fashion products including clothing, footwear, accessories and more from several renowned brands such as GUESS, Kenneth Cole New York and GAP Kids among others .They also have their own line called ‘Al Mana Private Label’ which includes stylish yet affordable options for customers looking to buy quality pieces without breaking their budget!

8 Doha Clothing Co.

This company has been providing high quality apparel since 1987 specializing mainly on tailored menswear like suits , shirts , trousers etc .Their experienced staff guarantee perfect fits along with sophisticated designs that never go out of style! Plus they provide customization services if needed so all your requests will be met here easily .

9 Fabrics International

Fabrics International provides fabrics imported from around the world to meet every requirement while ensuring unbeatable prices ! They are known especially for their stretchy knits used by many designers but they also supply other types such as silk chiffon & cotton voile too ! All these materials come with great durability & innovative textures ideal when creating new designs or keeping up with latest trends!

10 Eman Collection

For those looking specifically for traditional Arabic attire then Eman Collection is definitely worth checking out! With over 20 years experience they offer beautiful abayas dresses thobes jalabiyas & hijabs made only using finest fabrics available – perfect if you want unique yet elegant looks without compromising on quality standards !

11 Al-Futtaim Group

Al-Futtaim Group is among the largest conglomerates operating in Qatar that produces high quality garments for men and women from across the globe. Its product range includes casual wear, formal wear, sports apparel as well as children’s clothes. The company also provides customized solutions to customers who require specific designs or sizes for their clothes according to their needs.

12 Doha Global Trading Co.

Doha Global Trading Co., based out of Doha City Centre mall, produce stylish clothing lines made with premium fabrics such as cotton and linen blends sourced from all over Asia Pacific region including India and China along with local suppliers within Qatar itself.. They also provide design consultation services wherein they work closely with clients to create custom pieces suited to each individual’s taste and budget constraints while ensuring maximum comfortability levels are maintained throughout every product manufactured by them .

13 Qatari Textiles & Garments Factory (QTGF)

This factory produces high quality textiles for both domestic use as well as international export purposes which include luxury items like silk fabric , chiffon , velvet etc . Their products are renowned for being highly durable yet extremely soft on touch making it perfect choice when it comes down to creating any kind of fashionable outfit be it casual or fancy occasion wear . Furthermore they have production facilities spread all across Middle East region so delivery times tend remain quite reasonable making sure customer satisfaction remains firmly intact throughout entire process .

14 GAPA Clothing Co.

GAPA Clothing Company is one of oldest garment manufactures based out of Qatar since 1973 , specializing mainly producing shirts , trousers suits jackets etc primarily aimed towards menswear market segment though lately they have expanded into womenswear domain too offering wide selection of trendy pieces anyone can find something suitable no matter what style preference might be . Moreover their prices tend remain quite competitive due respect long standing presence within industry plus numerous discounts store offers during certain times year so customers always benefit financially when shopping here .


The blog post on “Top List of Garment Manufacturing Companies in Qatar” provides a comprehensive overview of some of the leading garment manufacturers in the country. These companies have been selected based on their reputation, quality standards and customer service. The list includes firms such as Qatar Textiles Company, Al Noor Garments Manufacturing Co., Qatari Lingerie Factory, and others. They offer a wide range of products including sportswear, uniforms, lingerie and children’s clothing. Each company is committed to providing excellent products at competitive prices while maintaining high-quality standards throughout their production processes.

Overall, this blog highlights some of the top garment manufacturing companies in Qatar that are worth considering when looking for reliable suppliers for your business needs. By partnering with any one of these businesses you can be assured that you will receive superior quality garments that meet all industry standards at an affordable price point.

Henry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY GarmentHenry Pham (Pham Quang Anh), CEO of DONY Garment

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